How we work

When you choose Basis, you’re not just choosing a product – you’re choosing a partner. That’s our commitment to your business.

We utilise the flexibility of our software programs to ensure that they deliver precisely what you need. Our ongoing support includes a help desk service and upgrades, and for very large operations, we put things on a formal footing, through service level agreements.

During 2013 the Basis Warehouse Management System monitored the movement of some 25 million items weighing slightly less than 500 million kilograms. That’s weighty experience – and it’s only going to increase. Basis has secured the first major dairy contract under the Government initiated AP E-cert regulations for dairy exports. Since the inception of the first AP E-cert, we’ve been actively involved in providing industry solutions.

This has involved us working alongside MAF/NZFSA/MPI as an independent developer as well as on behalf of the New Zealand Cold Storage Association to extend functionality and build interfaces with numerous production and distribution systems including; SAP, Sastek, Cedar Creek, Triton, Navision, Uniworks, Faire, M3 and Nimble, in order to meet specific customer requirements.