Overview of FMS

Wondering why Basis FMS is fast becoming the financial management system of choice for New Zealand schools?  Check out these reasons. But if they’re not the answers you’re looking for, give us a bell.  We’d love to chat.

System security and scalability

Basis operates a multi-level security regime that protects access to both the application and the data. Our system is readily scalable from small one or two user systems to enterprise SQL-based systems with hundreds of users – all fully supported. We work with your network specialists to ensure protection from outside influences or threats and to ensure inclusion in your disaster recovery plan.

Integrated system

BASIS modules work together with your Student Management System to eliminate duplication of tasks and information. The consistent user interface and design schema makes Basis easy to use and users can migrate knowledge seamlessly from one module to another, resulting in greater efficiency and throughput.

Real accounting

The Basis FMS program is designed to meet a myriad of reporting responsibilities - to school managers, heads of faculty/department, board of trustees and auditors. Basis is a real accounting system that adheres to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) requirements.

Technical compliance

Seamless integration into your student management system is a priority for Basis. Our system is built on industry database technology so it can directly integrate with KAMAR and MUSAC. Designed for the Windows environment, Basis is supported on 32 and 64 bit server Operating Systems from v2003 including Virtualised Servers. Windows XP, Vista and 7 are all supported on the desktop. MS SQL database support is optional for SQL2005 and SQL2008.

Migration to Basis

We are highly experienced and practiced in helping schools make the change from current systems to Basis FMS. The effort of exchanging an ad hoc collection of disparate parts into one efficient integrated system is well worth it. In preparation, we recommend clients review their fundamental data as part of the migration process. That way chart and update report formats and reports can be reworked at the same time – a case of do it once, do it right.