Financial Management for Schools

Basis Financial Management System (FMS) is the preferred financial management system for secondary schools, now operating successfully in many high schools throughout New Zealand.

The system was designed by an accountant specifically for administration staff working within New Zealand schools. It can be customised where needed, offers unlimited scalability – from a one or two-user system through to SQL based systems that support multiple users. Basis FMS provides an intuitive, cohesive set of financial system requirements that eliminates the need to import modules from other platforms.

The Basis system is dependable, robust, user friendly and is superior to many of the accounting systems on the market, especially those tailored to a generic business model. Our financial management system recognises the distinctive requirements of your school.

Basis FMS is the only program that addresses old, current and emerging New Zealand requirements using specific functionality to manage all aspects of your school’s financial administration in one system and it can connect directly with student record systems KAMAR and MUSAC. No downloads, no imports. Simply connect. It’s that easy!

We believe in a more modular approach