Warehousing is about keeping track of your product. And nowhere is that more important than the storage industry. If your inventory and control program has developed a blind spot, switch to the Basis Warehousing Management System (WMS). We’ll make sure you can keep an eye on your stuff, whatever it is, wherever it’s going.

 On track all day every day

Basis WMS offers all the features you need in inventory control systems – and then some. Detailed, accurate and responsive, our system offers features that keep track of your product from the point that it arrives on your premises to when it reaches its destination – and every step in between.

Combined with our credit management module and you have yourself a custom accounting system, capable of inventory, invoicing and accounts receivable. Everything on track. No sweat.

Eye on the bigger picture 

Basis offers you more than a standard inventory control and management program. We’ve added a range of valuable features to help you keep your eye on your product. We have drawn on near 20 years’ experience in providing warehouse systems to the cool/cold chain industry in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada and Mexico to bring you flexible components to match your business needs.

It’s that depth of experience that regulators and the industry alike have drawn on to develop tools to facilitate supply chain traceability and electronic country-to-country certification increasingly demanded in the global marketplace. Sure, we’re blowing our trumpet. It’s so you can be assured that we’re a safe pair hands.

We believe in a more modular approach.  Our system includes the following modules:

Inventory Control
Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)
Order Processing System (OPS)
Product Location
Product Labelling Module (PLM)
Status Management
Remote Access
Scalable Systems



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