Warehousing Overview

Inventory Control

Basis WMS gives you detailed views of all products held within your facility including Owner, Manufacturing Plant, Product Code, Shipment, Pallet/Bin/Frame, Kill/Slaughter/Production Date and individual item ID (if barcodes are uniquely applied). Detailed information on current stocks, historical shipments (in and out), and Inventory Lots are available at any time.

Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)

Basis allows you to assign an ASN number to each inbound load (which you can also predetermine within the system). You can use the ASN to produce all audit and confirmation details to verify the correct receipt of a load.

Order Processing System (OPS)

Initiated by an owner’s product load advice, the OPS provides specific product allocations, pick lists, product selection and load out validation, including Owner, Product Code, Date Range, Quantity and Weight, as well as Item Status. OPS can generate all audit and confirmation details to verify the correct sending of loads including Container, Seal and Temperature details.

Product Location

The Basis WMS provides multiple levels of Product Location capability. You can define as many Storage Rooms as you need, and then as many Storage Locations as you need (in 2 or 3 dimensions depending on the mode). You can enter locations manually or via scanned barcodes.

Product Labelling Module (PLM)

Dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of Inventory Control, Storage Locations, Product Status Management, and Product Selection. The Basis PLM generates all necessary barcode labels to label each storage location for scanning during put away. In addition, on arrival, Basis assigns a unique disposable number to every Frame/Pallet/Bin/Stillage for scanning and status management as well as providing a visual reference as to the product owner and contents.


With the perishable nature of products and the emergence of terrorism targeting consumable goods crossing national and international borders, now more than ever each participant in the supply chain is responsible for the traceability of all product that they manage. Basis provides for easy identification of the source and destination of every product you have had in store, whether you use barcodes or the emerging RFID technology. Our system also allows you to easily identify multiple destinations of like product, or products received in a specific load, and to perform product recalls easily and with minimal disruption to normal business.


Providing consumers with end-to-end confidence in the supply chain is the aim of country-to-country certification of products. New Zealand leads the world in electronic certification methods, including the licensing of individual participants in the supply chain and mandatory use of the Government sponsored electronic certification system for all inter-party product movements for both local and international destinations. Basis harnesses the features of the NZ E-cert System within a full interface to incorporate certification and compliance with national and international marketplace requirements into your business-as-usual operations. Via direct interface with the MAF (NZFS) web site, Basis also minimises MAF charges for your use of the mandatory certification system.

Status Management

Along with standard Inventory Control features, Basis additionally includes:

Product States

You can differentiate and track the different potential states of products within you facility, eg, Frozen, Chilled. It also allows you to track any change in state, eg, ‘Freezing Product Down’.

Pallet Status

You can assign unique IDs to all product stored on a Pallet/Bin/Stillage or other devices, and each storage device can be assigned one of a range of User Definable Status Codes. You’ll know exactly where your product is so you can determine the needed action, eg, Load In, Load Out, Transfer etc.

Batch Status

If Batch Details are available for product in store, Basis is able to manage Hold and Condition Status by batch. All of these status conditions can be applied to an item concurrently.


Manage all your accounting requirements by combining the Basis Credit Management System with the Basis Warehouse Management System. You can set up Storage Charge Rates with independent charge mechanisms for each of your clients and products whether by Units, Weight and Pallet Spaces or equivalents. And you can add Ancillary Charge codes for other chargeable items such as Container Loading, Certification Fees, Blast Freezing etc. There’s more: using the accounting facilities, you can create storage and ancillary invoices – weekly, fortnightly or monthly – and manage all accounts receivables.

Remote Access

Using Microsoft Terminal services or Citrix, Basis can provide customisable remote access for your customers to their inventory records. A User Logon restricts access to individual details.

Scalable Systems

Basis WMS is scalable from a single PC (under 1000 tonne capacity) to multiple RF scanner and fork truck kits (over 1000 tonnes). Combining Basis with technologies from Symbol, Intermec and PSC for Batch and/or Radio Frequency Scanning – driven by either a Dataflex or Microsoft SQL Database – will allow managers, operational and warehouse staff, and your clients, keep track of product. You can even build your own web-based interface to our MSSQL Based Product.